The road from winning the county’s endorsement in February to the day before voters head to the polls has been a rewarding one! I’ve spoken to thousands of voters, and listened to what they expect of a District Judge. If elected, I pledge to be the unbiased, ethical, empathetic judge our community deserves. I would continue to volunteer and serve our community through Wills for Heroes and Access to Justice and use my position to address mental health and addiction issues so individuals can get the help they need.

I am proud to have run a clean, truthful campaign that has focused on these issues and treated this office with dignity and respect. Thank you to everyone who has made calls and knocked doors beside me, and to all the volunteers who will be working at the polls tomorrow! And if you haven’t already voted, I humbly ask for your support. Polls are open from 7 am to 8 pm and I hope to see you there!