Legal Expert

Marc Lieberman, Esq.

I was born in West Chester and graduated from Henderson High School and West Chester University.  I have lived in or around West Chester my entire life.  For the past 17 years I have lived in East Bradford with my wife Diane and our 2 children, Lili and Liam and have a private law practice here.  My family has taught me the value of hard work and integrity, from my grandfather managing a dry goods store during the Depression to my grandmother defying the Nazis to cross the German border into Switzerland.  My own parents supported my education and helped me persevere through dyslexia and instilled in me the value of education through their own example.  My father served in the Air Force and attended Drexel University on the GI bill.   My mother volunteered at Planned Parenthood while completing research on her Doctoral dissertation.  One of my earliest jobs was at the Gay Street Vendor, unloading trucks, moving boxes, and waiting on customers.  My boss’s motto was “Can’t means won’t.  Do it anyway.”  This simple statement is one I repeat to my own children today; I believe every problem can be overcome with determination and creative thinking.

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I’ve believed in giving back all my life, from the time I would tag along with my mother at the community center in West Chester where she was a volunteer tutor.  I consider sitting on the bench another opportunity to serve my community and have devoted my time to a variety of local organizations, including 

  •  Judge of Elections at my East Bradford polling place for the last 6 years
  • Wills for Heroes - writing wills, power Of attorney and living wills for first responders free of charge
  • Access to Justice - providing legal services such as protection from abuse orders for indigent clients free of charge
  • Camp Abilities - volunteer at a weeklong summer camp for blind and deaf youth in Brockport, NY
  • Paradise Farm Camp – volunteer, completing outdoor maintenance projects 



  In my 20 plus years of legal experience, I have handled nearly every type of case that falls under the jurisdiction of our District Courts.  I have guided clients through preliminary hearings, filed pretrial motions, and represented defendants in jury trials and summary trials.  My diverse qualifications include: 

  • Working for the Chester County Public Defender’s office (1998 -2001) 
  • Founding a private criminal defense practice in East Bradford West Chester
  • Handling thousands of cases, including family law, estate planning and real estate   
  • Former small business founder and owner (granite recycling)



Practicing law with integrity has always been my highest priority.  Treating clients, opposing counsel, judges, and everyone one in our community with respect is essential to me.  I believe all people are created equal and as such should receive the same rights regardless of gender, religion, race, sexual orientation or political beliefs.  I have earned bipartisan support because of my ability to look beyond labels and consider all perspectives equally.  I pledge to be an unbiased and ethical judge.